The 801 Motorcycle Club started as a group of riders that liked to party at Berties 801 Club located at 801 13th St in San Jose, California back in the 1970s. The men who gathered at this establishment were known locally as “The 801’ers”. For a while, the bar was called Smitty’s 801 then it became Vic’s 801. This bar has been sold several times but 801 still remains. In 1995, the 801 MC SAN JOSE, CA Chapter formally organized and vowed to adhere to motorcycle club protocols and traditions.  Although the 801 bar in San Jose, Ca has changed format over the years, you can still find 801 MC members at various bars and social events around the Northside of San Jose.

In 2008, the 801 MC TEMECULA, CA Chapter began. It consists mainly of military, veterans, and a select number of civilians with strong military ties, associations, and legacy. The 801 MC TEMECULA, CA Chapter is a close group of like-minded men with deep roots in our communities while maintaining the time honored traditions established by the first motorcycle clubs. 801 MC TEMECULA, CA has a fundraiser every year that benefits wounded veterans. 

801 Motorcycle Club members, families, friends and associates attend community and social events throughout California and beyond. Our family is the essence of what gives us immutable strength. The 801 Motorcycle Club continues to thrive, the Temecula Charter will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary in 2018.

801 MC

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